FACING MIRRORS: it’s TAXI meets THELMA AND LOUISE and it’s darn good

ghazalshakeri_iranianfilmdailyFACING MIRRORS (screenplay by Negar Azarbayjani and Fereshteh Taerpour; directed by Negar Azarbayjani); 100 min. (Iran).

With her husband in jail Rana (Ghazal Shakeri), a rebellious transsexual, is forced to work as a taxi in order to pay his debts. She avoids telling her family to spare herself from a dishonoring that’s certain. Enter Adineh (Shayesteh Irani). She needs to escape a forced marriage by any means. While her brother seems more understanding her father (played by Homayoun Ershadi) is very hard on her and shows no mercy. Adineh shall marry the man he chose and that’s that. Adineh offers Rana $300 US to take her to Kojoor, in northern Iran. Just as she thought she had accomplished her goals her family catches her up with her.

A social drama that highlights the feminine condition, MIRRORS, like TAXI earlier this year, confronts the viewer to the daily travails of Iranians who alternately fight against, or enforce, society’s traditions.

Director Negar Azarbayjani has directed a compelling film that frames difficult social issues. MIRRORS is a touching film that’s enhanced by the charisma of its two leading actresses – Ali Naderzad

Film is currently playing in limited theaters in France.